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Anatomy By Muscle & Motion V2.1.72 Anatomy by Muscle & Motion v2.1.72

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 03:33 PM

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Anatomy by Muscle & Motion v2.1.72

Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 63,9 MB

Anatomy app by Muscle & Motion. Learn Anatomy with clear & engaging 3D videos!
The Anatomy content included:
• Anatomy of the human body muscular system
• Origin & Insertion - Visualize the origin and insertion of each muscle
• Specific analysis and functions of all muscles & muscle groups
• Animations, pictures, and diagrams teaching you how muscles move
• 3D anatomy of the human skeletal system including bone and joint analysis
• Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Kinesiology videos

Easily accessed and navigated, the "Muscle&Motion - Anatomy" app is exceedingly efficient as a reference source in applied professional settings.

With more than 2000 high-quality videos, using 3D models and vivid illustrations, this app is a uniquely effective educational tool for promoting:
• intradisciplinary or interdisciplinary learning;
• macro and micro analyses of, and within, isolated anatomical/physiological systems;
• integrative comprehension of the mechanisms and functional interactions that create bodily motion.

What's in the App?
• The app features four thematic learning modules. Each module provides subject relevant terminology, theory, and explanations - introduced and contextualized using 3D rotatable images and multi-angle 3D animations.

The 4 Learning Modules:

3D Anatomy of the Muscular System:
• A complete and detailed animated viewing of the physical structure of the human muscular system, including all muscle groups and individual muscles, their positions and parts - insertions, origins, and the joints upon which they act.
• The antagonistic, synergetic and stabilizing functions of specific muscles in producing specific movements.

3D Anatomy of the Skeletal System:
• Full articulation of the skeletal system and its constituent parts. Using the apps' 3D rotation capability, each bone and its joints - its different areas and its points of attachment to muscle - are analyzed from all sides.

3D Kinesiology:
• A comprehensive survey of the movements performed by each joint relative to the body's anatomical planes and horizontal axis; it identifies the muscles involved and their actions on the joint in creating movements of different kinds (flexion and extension, abduction and adduction, circumduction, etc.)
• Each movement is presented from different angles.

3D energy Mechanisms:
• A review of the physiology impacting the muscular system, featuring Anaerobic and Aerobic energy mechanisms involved in producing motion.

Anatomy by Muscle&Motion is exceptionally well suited for the educational demands that characterize academic and professional environments. The apps' easy access, hierarchical and non-linear navigation capabilities, and multiple 3D animations:
• Enable flexibility in preparing and implementing lesson plans;
• Accelerate the assimilation of details and complex mechanisms, and reinforce understanding;
• Enhance the later retrieval, mental visualization, and manipulation of required knowledge in applied and research settings.


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