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Unproven By: Drew Briney

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Posted 16 September 2019 - 02:49 AM

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Unproven By: Drew Briney | 794M | Audiobooks - Fantasy

Author: Drew Briney
Length: 440 pages
Publisher: On the Fly Publications (March 5, 2018)
Release Date:
Language: English
#1 Best Seller in free YA SFF Steampunk novels and
#2 Best Seller in free YA SFF Action & Adventure

When Shadow, a powerless mage, chose exile to preserve family honor, he didn’t expect a mysterious call to defeat psionic, camouflaging dragons - nor did he expect them to offer him a glimpse into a life wielding a mage’s power.

Surprises mount when a steampunk army invades his homeland and Shadow is tasked with uncovering the secret behind magic’s evolution while leading a youth team infested with at least one traitor. Distracted by an unwelcomed romance, losses mount as he stumbles through treachery, vampiric vines, ancient disembodied mages, and the legendary Mists of Ishmandool where few escape with their sanity.

By the time Shadow announces he’s found the solution, it may be too late. Even if it’s not, it risks the complete annihilation of his people and it’s unproven.

Unproven has drawn comparisons to Ursula Le Guin (Harry Potter’s biggest influence), Elaine Cunningham (the queen of dark fantasy and Forgotten Realms), and Fydor Dostoevsky (psychological godfather of Crime and Punishment). With strong female characters, a dark M. Night Shyamalan twist, dragons on steroids, a Brandon Sanderson-esque tight plot, and prodigious world building, Unproven is destined to satiate readers who enjoy sword and sorcery, mythical creatures, ghosts, dark fantasy, psychological thrillers, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Forget the frothing ale. Unproven will keep you reading late into the night and it will spare you drunken dwarf bar brawls. Veteran producer Beth “Bea” Roose predicted it would be a hit. Grab your copy and you’ll see why!

The book is suspenseful and pulls you into its many twists and turns. It is difficult to put the book down .... It leaves you wanting more .... I love all the original concepts and so will you!

Beth Roose

The depth of these characters is amazing! I could not put this book down. I've read other stories by Drew Briney and they always suck me in until the very end! He's definitely got a true talent with writing and I can't wait to see what comes next. Definitely recommend!

Heather Lunog

If you love books that leave you continually guessing about what is happening next, you will want to read Unproven. As for the finishing scene . . . you could never guess.

Bethany Sturgeon

Intriguing and compelling.

David Dye

Excellent book. Deep and complex storytelling with a mature grasp of political and personal stories. I highly recommend it. … beautiful and complex cultures and a new kind fantasy world opens up to the reader.

Shaffer Family

Love reading Drew's books. He really knows how to keep the reader interested in the story all the way through.


This excellent book is sort of a collision between Ursula Le Guin and Fydor Dostoevsky. … There are so many characters that at times it is hard not to confuse them, but like a good Russian novel it is worth the effort to learn the story and find out what happens next. …The book keeps moving and never drags.

Chris Nystrom

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